About Me

Hello, I'm Rody van Sambeek, architect and lead developer of EnableNow, a Dutch-based FinTech firm specializing in innovative financial solutions.

I am deeply passionate about technology, focussing mainly on the .NET ecosystem and the Azure platform. As an experienced back-end developer with over 20 years of experience, I have built a reputation for designing and implementing robust, scalable applications. Over the years, I have expanded my expertise by delving into various front-end technologies, including Blazor, React, Vue.js, Tailwind, Next.js, and others. This comprehensive skill set allows me to create end-to-end solutions tailored to the specific needs of diverse corporate clients.

In my spare time, I love cycling, both on a race bike or mountain bike and hiking with our dog Steve. In the winters I like to go on skiing trips to hit the slopes and enjoy the alpine landscapes. These hobbies allow me to explore the outdoors, challenge my physical limits, and keep me mentally strong.

Other than that, I love cooking together with my wife. We enjoy trying out new recipes and techniques, while enjoying the occasional glass of wine.